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The Studio and Client will collaborate in all schedules and arrangements for services to be provided. The collaboration will begin before the wedding. The client and the photographer will discuss the schedule and the photography at least thirty days before the wedding. It is very important that the photographer know about key elements of your day in advance so that important images can be captured. During the meeting, the client will need to provide a timeline for the wedding day, a list of family to be photographed and a list of the wedding party. Information provided and discussed at the planning session is not part of this contract nor shall such information modify this contract. On your wedding day, the Studio will work to meet all of Client’s reasonable requests and expectations; however, circumstances may prevent certain images from being created. It is important that you understand that the Studio does not warrant that it will provide specific images or poses. Finally, please realize that if you or your wedding party/guests/family arrive more than fifteen minutes late for scheduled photography, the Studio may not be able to make all of the images you might otherwise receive and if this occurs, the Studio is relieved of any liability.