polaroid wedding photographer

The Polaroid Experience

Instant film has been an obsession of mine ever since my mother gave me a used Polaroid One Step camera when I was 16 years old. I was fascinated watching an image appear on a small frame after a meer 90 seconds of development. Instantly (no pun intended), I was immersed! When I was 17 I worked at a drug store where they sold Polaroid film by the bulk. Half of my paychecks would go towards suppling my need & demand for film. Shortly after in 2009, Polaroid shut down it's doors & discontinued making their film. Needless to say, it was a dark and devastating time for the instant film community. I would hoard the remaining bulks of film I had and would solely use it only special occasions. Specifically for editorial projects I would shoot during college. It wasn't until the revitalization of instant film made by Fujifilm for Instax cameras where my heart began to flutter & my refrigerator was once again made up of 70% film and 30% food.

My mission is to bring back the allure and nostalgia of instant film during this special time in your life. Whether it be on your wedding day, a spontaneous elopement, or during a lifestyle session with your loved one. Watching the process of your portrait magically appear on a frame can be quite astonishing. These moments preserved on instant film will remain some of your favorite one-of-a-kind tangible heirlooms. Get in contact for more information on how to include instant film during your session!

For the love of instant film.