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Gaby J is a Las Vegas based wedding photographer who frequently travels to Sonoma wine country, Southern California, and the south to document weddings with a photojournalism and editorial approach. She’s inspired by movement & sincerity between a couple.. the value of simplicity and intimacy.. raw emotions and gentleness.. minimal details of still life.. the allure of instant film.. luminous and meaningful love.. the graininess of timelessness.

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The importance of candid and raw emotions photographs…

Looking back on your photographs from your wedding day, you want to be transported back to the time you married your love. Each image telling and provoking, like a single sentence. Every frame the period of a sentence, making up the whole of your love story when told together. Time stood still and yet was blown right passed you, each moment like heartbeats. Dad greeting you with tears welling up in his eyes, the gentle kiss from your partner, the words of wisdom mom left you with in private, how your cousin thought it was a good idea to shake the champagne bottle (and it was!), or when your partner choked up reading their vows to you and you couldn't help but cry, laugh, and snort all at the same time. The day unfolding in still photographs and preserved memories, should be seen and treasured as a genuine depiction of you and your partner's relationship.  These fleeting moments are the ones I strive to capture.