Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

las vegas desert elopement during sunset with joshua trees

There’s an allure and thrill that draws people to Las Vegas…

It’s the excitement of running away, usually on a whim, hand in hand with the one you love. Without losing site of what truly matters, an elopement in Las Vegas is a remarkable way to say “I do” whether it be in a kitschy chapel under sparkling lights off Las Vegas Boulevard or having an intimate ceremony in the desert valley chasing the sunset.

las vegas graceland wedding chapel elopement photography

Elopements come in all sizes…

I love to document elopements where your closest family and friends travel all over the world to join you in celebration, down to the intimate ceremonies when it’s just the two of you... Curate your day around what’s truly meaningful and you’ll leave Las Vegas with unforgettable memories!

Want to book your elopement in a different state? I’ll travel wherever you go to document your day!