my first polaroid land camera

I just so happen to be browsing on flickr for polaroid land cameras last week. I landed on this guy's page who took a photo of a 335 camera & instantly I "favorite" it. The next day, I got a flickr message from said guy whose name happens to be Russ, asking if I would like to have the camera at no cost. I couldn't believe what I was reading, I actually had to re-read it because I thought I made it up in my head that some guy would just give me his land camera for free. Without hesitation, I wrote back saying "yes totally omg!" A week later, I received a package from Russ with his beautiful Polaroid Land Camera 335, a pack of black & white film, prints of his work, & a lovely note. Honestly, I wanted to cry. Never in my life have I met a complete stranger who made me feel so downright special & lighthearted. He absolutely made my heart feel warm inside.Once again, thank you so so sooo much Russ xo!

polaroids of my beautiful son at the Las Vegas Zoo taken with a polaroid land camera 335.