DIY Las Vegas Backyard Wedding

Photographed such a cute DIY las vegas backyard wedding last summer... Krista & Devin rented out a chic las vegas house to have their ceremony and reception at. The inspiration behind Krista's DIY wedding was at first she wanted to elope but her husband convinced her otherwise, so they settled for a budget friendly destination wedding in Las Vegas and were able to have friends and family join them on their special day. The day of their wedding, everyone happily participated in working on food prep, flower arrangements, boutonnieres, bouquets, blowing balloons up, hanging lights, tulle and the handy work of making an altar. One of the best parts from Krista's & Devin's wedding was seeing their corgie doggie dressed up in a tuxedo with a bow tie strutting down the aisle as a best-man/ring bearer.. The cutest omg!

Krista's wedding dress & shoes: vintage | Photography: Gaby J Photography | Venue: private rental house in Las Vegas | desserts: Whoppie Doo pies