traveling around phoenix arizona

Part II from our trip to Phoenix, Arizona...

I've never been to Phoenix before so I did a lot a research on where to stay at, where to eat at, where to go etc. The majority of the information I obtained was through pinterest & the show called Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. I chose The Clarendon Hotel because of their typeface & the vibrant colors... haha! It's so very mid century - palm springs chic, I LOVED it! I also loved the convenience of it being in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Definitely staying there again! Ok now onto the food... I swear, everywhere we went it was AMAZING! The Duce had really yummy pecan french toast, mac and cheese muffins, & my fav fav was the pie with ice cream that came in a cute little jar! Wine country french toast at Perk Eatery in Scottsdale, AZ was so good, I wanted more! Breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast was delish... only thing I didn't like was that they charge you for extra syrup, WTF?! Anyway, we ate dinner & breakfast at Gallo Blanco... BEST PLACE EVER! We kept trying to convince them to open up a restaurant here in Vegas. I'm still salivating over their flapjacks OMG!

So one thing about Phoenix I had to be cautious of was taking pictures. One lady yelled at me, another lady wanted me to fork over money. It was so weird. Being used to living in touristy Las Vegas, I assumed it was ok to take photos anywhere I went. HA, wrong!