exploring the saguaro desert and sedona arizona

Part III from our trip to Arizona.

Being that it was my first time in Phoenix, it was too my first time seeing saguaro cacti growing wildly in the desert. I was in awe! It was also my first time visiting Sedona, AZ; what an amazing and beautiful place! On the ride between phoenix & sedona, there's this cute little place called Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City with literally the best pies in the world! I'm not even kidding! Normally I would order one dessert for my son & I to share, but I had to order three! The cafe is known for having delicious pies but they also have a wedding venue hidden in the back. We got there just when the sun was setting and oh my was the ceremony location breathtaking!  One day, I hope to come back to actually photograph a wedding there while eating mountains of pie!